For a little over 2 years McCallister Sculpture was working out of a small garage in Jersey City, NJ, where I temporarily resided before relocating to Scottsdale, AZ. During my time there I was able to spend a lot of time with the local art school that held classes for children and adults – including the Ceramics Program which I had the honor of initiating.

McCallister Sculpture - metal art

This is a photo of a commissioned door barricade for the entrance of the Jersey City Art School. With the only condition that it had to be a functional security measure – to deter and prevent break-ins through the glass paned door-  I was given free range of the design.

I used my Oxy Acetylene system and steel rods in various gauges to make the frame, finished with paint and outdoor Polyurethane to prevent rust.


McCallister Sculpture - metal art

Me (Ryan McCallister) with JCAS Owner, Thomas Carlson (right)

This was a great project to work on- one that involved environmental elements, exact measuring, yet freedom to be abstract. But more importantly it continues to serve its functional purpose while adding a bit of flair to the entrance of a local art institution.

I’ll be drawing up designs for my next door barricade that will be installed on the entrance to my small music studio. Will keep you all posted!