artist motivation - mccallister sculpture

Artist Motivation comes from staying inspired to create a piece of work that communicates how you interpret the world. Your work could convey what you’re experiencing in life, love, finances, and struggles as a person and an artist.The medium you choose as the platform to express your unique artist motivation can evolve just as much as your inspiration!

I’ve recently archived portfolios of my artwork (Metalwork, Ceramic, and Wood) and had the opportunity to reflect at how both my subject and mediums have transformed. I encourage all artists to also take the time to do this for their own inventory. Doing this, in itself, will not only showcase your evolution as an artist, but provide insight to your maturing artist motivation.

Why did she make things?
Well, she enjoyed it, or course;
but it also somehow
helped her remember
who she was
and where she came from.
– author unknown

Trust me – the time you put in to finding what motivates you as an artist will be just as rewarding. I’ve had the pleasure of building McCallister Sculpture up from a young, college dream, to a humbling an oxy-acetelyn setup in the basement of a bar, making sports signs, selling household goods at trade shows, to now having my own studio with equipment that allows me to make the handmade sculptures of my dreams! One of the biggest artist motivation you  can maintain is the evolution of your self, so stay inspired my fellow artists! Thanks for joining me in my journey.

Would love to hear about your Artist Motivation in the comments below!