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Some photos of my mixed media sculpture named “Potential” shown in Jersey City, New Jersey circa 2/2014.

During my time in the east coast, where real estate is limited, I spent my days and nights working in any location that had enough space for me to bend metal rods and enough ventilation to remove air contaminates from entering my lungs, and of course, without having to pay a ton of money per sq. ft. Needless to say, my studios revolved through 1 car garages in a residential driveway, a basement/stockroom of my favorite local bar, a shared ceramic space in Brooklyn,  a corner table next to the fridge…

Even with debilitatingly limited options, I was determined to advance my metalwork and create “Potential” – a handmade sculpture that was deemed “large-scale” at the time. And to this day, grateful in my own studio, I produce my metalwork and handmade sculptures with the same motivation.

The sculpture named Potential, highlighted here, was created with steel rod cut and seamed together in modular pieces to create an almost fetal-like position of man. I’d be the first to stay the photos don’t do it justice because of it’s lack of depth perception. (Maybe I should’ve used more videos back then!) But in person, you’d be able to catch varying angles of the body’s designed perspective.


Can you appreciate how far you’ve come with you art and process? Would love to know your thoughts below! Best, Ryan