This Mixed Media “Blind Justice” or “Lady Justice” Sculpture was commissioned by my friend Dave, who practices law in New York.  Trusting in me to produce something that he would love, I took the classic statue and made it contemporary and modern. Combining manipulated steel and glazed ceramics, I was able to produce something unique and strange while not straying too far from the recognizable form.

Everything was produced within my ceramic studio at The Jersey City Art School, and the welding studio in my home.  This Blind Justice Sculpture was left without the sash over her eyes because I thought closed eyes conveyed strength and will power over the need of a blindfold to keep the Lady’s vision obscured.  If she symbolizes fair treatment, then I figured she would have no need for a blindfold because her ideals of justice would not allow her to open her eyes.  Also I thought her sword should be in the right hand (the strong hand) because American law and justice is backed by the extreme of capital punishment.

In return for Dave’s trust in letting me produce a work of art that captures my style and imagination, I inscribed “In Dave We Trust” on the sword’s butt to drive home the idea that he has the power of law at his side and I trust him to be the lawyer this sculpture symbolizes.