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I cant say how much I love the look and feel of old world wrought Iron and aged wood.  I have always had an interest in combining these materials because of its feeling of antique quality and sturdiness.   The contrast of wood grain and metal is eye candy for me.

Industrial Long Table Wood Grain

This gorgeous piece was salvaged from a factory being torn down in Brooklyn New York.  Its age was apparent with the kind of square head spike nails that it was riddled with.  The nails were so aged that while pulling them out, they crumbled and snapped.  Of course I didn’t mind because it only added to it antique appeal.

Industrial Long Table LegsThe steel shelf and legs were covered in a clear coat spray enamel to give it a finished look.  But what I decided to do was leave some of the rust from the quenching which left subtle oranges, yellows, and reds under the enamel.