Happy Friday everyone! Today I’d like to share one of the latest (and personal) pieces I’ve finished – a custom woodburned ottoman tray, commissioned by my family. The crest I burned and stained on is of the McCallister clan.

McCallister Sculpture

I used a standard 24×24 board and drew on the McCallister crest, woodburned the details with slight shading, and stained sections with Oak and Merlot, and overall Natural.

McCallister Sculpture - custom traySimply using my Oxy Acetylene system, I torched a bit of color and welded standard rods to tightly frame the tray. I also cut holes in the metal to insert studs that go through the tray and tightened in the backside with nuts (which is also embedded in the wood, so as to not scratch any surface the tray lays on).

McCallister Sculpture - custom tray

I applied a few coats of Polyurethane and the final product is approved by Skype, McCallister Sculpture’s official mascot and my trusty studio sidekick.

(He’s 6 months young, Boxer mix, and likes long walks in the park and Frisbee! You’ll be seeing more of him for sure.)McCallister Sculpture - custom tray

I’ve previously made custom trays before, but this piece in particular is one I’m pleasantly happy with and proud of. What do you think of it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

McCallister Sculpture - custom tray