McCallister Sculpture - Florida - Mural

I’m taking the popular #TBT as an opportunity to look back at my personal and professional photos and share my progress as an artist. I must confess I wish I was better at chronicling my evolution, but I’m getting better at it nowadays!

Also in part of A Word A Week Photography Challenge – Mural.

Here is a photo of young, college me (charmingly handsome, I know) standing in front of my freehanded, sharpie mural (WIP), in a colleague’s studio apartment in South Tampa, Florida. The wall was behind the main stairwell and served as a focal point for the entire place.

McCallister Sculpture - Florida - Mural

I spent countless hours creating this mural – knowing all the while it would be painted over one day when the following tenant would move in. But there was something to that temporariness that gave me freedom to create such a large scale drawing without over thinking it. A professor once told me to “not get too attached to a single piece of work”, because it is meant to be sold, given away, and in this case, painted over.

Needless to say, we enjoyed this mushroom army and opened cellar door images-within-images for the rest of our college days. This is the only picture of this ephemeral mural in existence.

Have any similar stories, works, or photos? Please share!