There are plenty of times I have found myself looking at a recognizable object but for some reason my brain decided not to draw familiarities.  Like when you first open your eyes and your brain begins finding what to focus on, visually, and mentally, yet your visuals don’t focus in time to match what your brain is already analyzing.  So what ends up happening is a hallucination in which my brain combines multiple objects into an abstract but very defined object.  After a moment’s time, my brain redefines and again understands what is actually in front of me.  But for a moment in time I am seeing something that doesn’t exist, yet I can follow its contours and curves like any object that one could touch.

A part of me chalks the hallucinations up to a lucid day-dream, but in certain mental states, I have been able to let my senses relax and allow for the world around me to become strange and uniquely dimensional.  This ceramic sculpture is an example of recreating an object that combines multiple recognizable objects by making them morph together.

This ceramic sculpture is loosely based on an elephant, but has so many more suggestive forms within the overall shape that it forces you to not be able to put a finger on what it is.  I believe I have achieved my goal to capture both worlds; Commonplace versus Alien.