Dragon Made from River Rock and Steel Rods

McCallister Sculpture’s ‘Jormungandr‘ was featured on the FRONT “HOT” PAGE of Reddit and #Photoshopbattles earlier this week. Within a span of 24 hours, Jormungandr received close to 45,000 “points”, 500+ comments and 88% “upvotes”.

Personal messages from friends and family slowly, but surely poured in our inbox with excitement over recognizing a certain steel rod and river rock dragon appearing on the front page of the popular social news site and community driven forum that is Reddit. McCallister Sculpture even received an official phone call notifying me of the virality of Jormungandr!

“I am always humbled when my hardwork and art is appreciated on a mass level – and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support I’ve received along the way. Money is definitely not the only currency that motivates our passions,” says Ryan McCallister.

Jormungandr’s awesome trend only lasted for about 48 hours – sometime’s that’s the nature of these things. But for now, it stands in the ranks of Reddit’s Top Pics of All Time at #602 – a number we couldn’t be more proud of in the grand scheme of things.

dragon river rock steel rods reddit - mccallister sculpture jormungandr

Here are a few of our favorite comments from the Dragon Made from River Rock and Steel Rods Forum:


[–]SquatchButter 3 days ago

The creativity of some people baffles my lowly mind.

[–]KAYZEEARE 5 points2 days ago

Absolutely agree. The hardest part is making a tangible representation of what one imagines

[–]GlamRockDave 2 days ago

not to mention the meticulous placement of those rocks to pack that well without falling out or extruding. That took time, no doubt a lot of trial and error.

This is why I never (well rarely maybe) balk at the price of large art pieces like this. This world would suck if there weren’t people who made shit like that, and someone has to pay them to make a comfortable living while they’re doing it.

[–]quantifiably_godlike 2 days ago

Yeah, extremely creative solution. This kind of thing could have been done (probably) at any point in the last 1000 yrs, in terms of materials & know-how. But (as far as I know) this is the first time it’s been done. Beautifully executed and, as you said, very creative.

[–]dwdrue01 2 days ago

This is my buddy’s work. Super cool to see it on my front page.

[–]jacampbell12 points2 days ago

Hi Devin

[–]MrBinks2 points2 days ago

Oh it’s Jimmy. Hi. A-meer.

[–]NeighborRedditor 2 days ago

Can you imagine someone walking into your house having that be one of the first things they see as decoration or something and them just immediately complimenting it and saying how beautiful it is. Then you say “yeah I made that shit.”

People are so creative and talented, it amazes me.

Here are some of our favorites from PsBattle: Dragon made from river rock and steel rods

steel rod dragon river rock - reddit mccallister sculpture

 steel rod dragon river rock - reddit mccallister sculpture

Looks like 2017 is off to a great start! Thank you again for all of the support and I hope you stay tuned on McCallister Sculpture social media (Facebook | Instagram ) for LIVE streaming, works in progress, and exclusive content!