McCallister Sculpture: Images Arizona Magazine – Scottsdale, Arizona Artist

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

McCallister Sculpture | Images Arizona
Mythical Meets Metal Meets McCallister
Scottsdale & Anthem Arizona Edition

Ryan McCallister, fine artist, featured in February 2017 Issue of Images Arizona magazine. Written by Katherine Braden and photographed by Loralei Lazurek, “Mythical Meets Metal Meets McCallister” is published in both North Scottsdale and Anthem, Arizona editions.

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

The four page spread featured works including large scale, landscape sculptures such as ‘Jormungandr‘, ‘Ascendance‘, ‘Majestic Moose‘ and smaller, earlier works of McCallister such as ‘Japanese Dragon‘ from Steel Nail series.

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

“The best way to describe Ryan McCallister as an artist? ‘I’m brand spanking new,’ he says, ‘but I know I’m talented enough to show everyone my work and be proud of it.'”

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

“He mostly works with steel, both scrap and pristine, welding with a torch. For the table-sized pieces, work can be tedious. Sometimes it takes him two week to complete. For the larger pieces? Usually a month each.”

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

“‘My favorite part [about being an artist] is when people look at my art and they’re stunned,’ he says. ‘That makes me really happy’… ‘I want to make people happy with my art,’ he says. ‘The biggest reward is all the support!'”

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

Images Arizona is an  18 year old monthly publication that caters to an affluent, highly-educated market syndicated in four magazine regions: Anthem, Carefree/ Desert Mountain, Grayhawk/ DC Ranch and Paradise Valley/ McCormick.

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

McCallister Sculpture featured in Images Arizona, Anthem Edition, February 2017 Issue: page 42-45.

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

McCallister Sculpture featured in Images Arizona, North Scottsdale, February 2017 Issue: page 72-75.

McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona


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McCallister Sculpture Scottsdale metal artist - Images Arizona

Steel Dragon ‘Jormungandr’ Trends on Reddit – McCallister Sculpture

Dragon Made from River Rock and Steel Rods

McCallister Sculpture’s ‘Jormungandr‘ was featured on the FRONT “HOT” PAGE of Reddit and #Photoshopbattles earlier this week. Within a span of 24 hours, Jormungandr received close to 45,000 “points”, 500+ comments and 88% “upvotes”.

Personal messages from friends and family slowly, but surely poured in our inbox with excitement over recognizing a certain steel rod and river rock dragon appearing on the front page of the popular social news site and community driven forum that is Reddit. McCallister Sculpture even received an official phone call notifying me of the virality of Jormungandr!

“I am always humbled when my hardwork and art is appreciated on a mass level – and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support I’ve received along the way. Money is definitely not the only currency that motivates our passions,” says Ryan McCallister.

Jormungandr’s awesome trend only lasted for about 48 hours – sometime’s that’s the nature of these things. But for now, it stands in the ranks of Reddit’s Top Pics of All Time at #602 – a number we couldn’t be more proud of in the grand scheme of things.

dragon river rock steel rods reddit - mccallister sculpture jormungandr

Here are a few of our favorite comments from the Dragon Made from River Rock and Steel Rods Forum:


[–]SquatchButter 3 days ago

The creativity of some people baffles my lowly mind.

[–]KAYZEEARE 5 points2 days ago

Absolutely agree. The hardest part is making a tangible representation of what one imagines

[–]GlamRockDave 2 days ago

not to mention the meticulous placement of those rocks to pack that well without falling out or extruding. That took time, no doubt a lot of trial and error.

This is why I never (well rarely maybe) balk at the price of large art pieces like this. This world would suck if there weren’t people who made shit like that, and someone has to pay them to make a comfortable living while they’re doing it.

[–]quantifiably_godlike 2 days ago

Yeah, extremely creative solution. This kind of thing could have been done (probably) at any point in the last 1000 yrs, in terms of materials & know-how. But (as far as I know) this is the first time it’s been done. Beautifully executed and, as you said, very creative.

[–]dwdrue01 2 days ago

This is my buddy’s work. Super cool to see it on my front page.

[–]jacampbell12 points2 days ago

Hi Devin

[–]MrBinks2 points2 days ago

Oh it’s Jimmy. Hi. A-meer.

[–]NeighborRedditor 2 days ago

Can you imagine someone walking into your house having that be one of the first things they see as decoration or something and them just immediately complimenting it and saying how beautiful it is. Then you say “yeah I made that shit.”

People are so creative and talented, it amazes me.

Here are some of our favorites from PsBattle: Dragon made from river rock and steel rods

steel rod dragon river rock - reddit mccallister sculpture

 steel rod dragon river rock - reddit mccallister sculpture

Looks like 2017 is off to a great start! Thank you again for all of the support and I hope you stay tuned on McCallister Sculpture social media (Facebook | Instagram ) for LIVE streaming, works in progress, and exclusive content!


Phoenix Home & Garden Tour Highlights – Paradise Valley

McCallister Sculpture - Phoenix Home and Garden Tour - metalart Scottsdale Paradise Valley

Last Sunday, April 10th 2016, the 18th Annual Phoenix Home & Garden Tour took place and gave nearly 1,000 attendees exclusive access into 5 hand-selected, beautiful residential gardens around Paradise Valley, Arizona.

McCallister Sculpture was proud to have displayed signature metalwork including “Ascendance“, “Jormungandr“, and custom trellises in the same property designed by the esteemed landscape architect, Greg Trutza.

It was an exhilarating experience for nearly 1,000 people to view, experience, and openly discuss my works of art. Dozens of connections for custom metalwork commissions and outdoor landscape sculptures for local Scottsdale residents were made.

What was most gratifying however was the relationships I built founded around the genuine appreciation for art successfully incorporated in its environment. Combining the glory of manmade materials with nature’s organic beauty is both a consistent theme and inspiration for my signature work.

As an artist and attendee, I highly recommend joining the self-guided Phoenix Home & Garden Tour in 2017! Thank you to the amazing organizers, volunteers, landscape design professionals, and of course, all the garden art enthusiasts.

Please enjoy some highlight photos from the 18th Annual Phoenix Home & Garden Tour – McCallister Sculpture edition.

If you were able to attend the 18th Annual Phoenix Home & Garden Tour, please feel free to leave feedback or photos in the comment section below!

New Blog Post: A Sculpture named Potential – Metalwork

handmade sculptures - mccallister sculpture - jersey city - metalworks

Some photos of my mixed media sculpture named “Potential” shown in Jersey City, New Jersey circa 2/2014.

During my time in the east coast, where real estate is limited, I spent my days and nights working in any location that had enough space for me to bend metal rods and enough ventilation to remove air contaminates from entering my lungs, and of course, without having to pay a ton of money per sq. ft. Needless to say, my studios revolved through 1 car garages in a residential driveway, a basement/stockroom of my favorite local bar, a shared ceramic space in Brooklyn,  a corner table next to the fridge…

Even with debilitatingly limited options, I was determined to advance my metalwork and create “Potential” – a handmade sculpture that was deemed “large-scale” at the time. And to this day, grateful in my own studio, I produce my metalwork and handmade sculptures with the same motivation.

The sculpture named Potential, highlighted here, was created with steel rod cut and seamed together in modular pieces to create an almost fetal-like position of man. I’d be the first to stay the photos don’t do it justice because of it’s lack of depth perception. (Maybe I should’ve used more videos back then!) But in person, you’d be able to catch varying angles of the body’s designed perspective.


Can you appreciate how far you’ve come with you art and process? Would love to know your thoughts below! Best, Ryan

Artist Motivation – Evolve

artist motivation - mccallister sculpture

Artist Motivation comes from staying inspired to create a piece of work that communicates how you interpret the world. Your work could convey what you’re experiencing in life, love, finances, and struggles as a person and an artist.The medium you choose as the platform to express your unique artist motivation can evolve just as much as your inspiration!

I’ve recently archived portfolios of my artwork (Metalwork, Ceramic, and Wood) and had the opportunity to reflect at how both my subject and mediums have transformed. I encourage all artists to also take the time to do this for their own inventory. Doing this, in itself, will not only showcase your evolution as an artist, but provide insight to your maturing artist motivation.

Why did she make things?
Well, she enjoyed it, or course;
but it also somehow
helped her remember
who she was
and where she came from.
– author unknown

Trust me – the time you put in to finding what motivates you as an artist will be just as rewarding. I’ve had the pleasure of building McCallister Sculpture up from a young, college dream, to a humbling an oxy-acetelyn setup in the basement of a bar, making sports signs, selling household goods at trade shows, to now having my own studio with equipment that allows me to make the handmade sculptures of my dreams! One of the biggest artist motivation you  can maintain is the evolution of your self, so stay inspired my fellow artists! Thanks for joining me in my journey.

Would love to hear about your Artist Motivation in the comments below!

Blogging201: Archiving Effectively

McCallister Sculpture - Ceramics

TGIF all!

McCallister Sculpture - ArchivesLove this Archive #Blogging201 challenge! Particularly because this is already how I had my site set up, and I was nervous that it wasn’t a very good strategy, but this ensures me that it is!

The way McCallister Sculpture is set up is the BLOG section is the main landing page where new content is automatically published.

My menu categories (Ceramics, Metalworks, Mixed Media, Home Design, Media) are essentially galleries highlighting my best work and accompanied with the post link! Super easy way to give readers who are in and out of your site a quick but lasting impression of your site.

The issue I have with this is that it’s a manual process. Each addition has to be added individually because it’s technically all on the same PAGE, and not a feed. Does that make sense? However, even though it’s double the work, I do this because it’s worth displaying the best of the best in a consistent portfolio style!

Additional tip: As per @kristastevens

First, when writing new posts, you can refer to ideas and discussions you’ve published before with well-placed links, sprinkled throughout your posts. Readers are already engaged with your post, so pointing them to other content draws them deeper into your blog.

Adding links to your blog post doesn’t have to be an overwhleming multi-step process. If you’re in “VISUAL” mode, click on the word(s) you want to hyperlink. In the box that prompts you to insert/edit link, look at the SECOND OPTION: “Or link to existing content”. Your previous (and probably most popular) URLs are already there saying “pick me pick me!!!“. Choose the most well behaved URL and BOOM, you’ve just extended your reader’s visit! How easy was that?!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my layout and any tips you may have. Please take a look around the site and let me know if you’d like to apply this strategy to your blog and I’d love to offer assistance! Cheers.

Blogging201: “Get Read All Over” Responsive vs. Mobile-Friendly + Screenshots

McCallister Sculpture mobile

Hello fellow bloggers!

Optimizing your site’s PC, tablet, and mobile design ensures your readers have the best user experience navigating your blog, resulting in less “bounce” rates and more page views per user. (yay!) “Get Read All Over” prompts bloggers to learn more about responsive design and mobile-friendly theme capabilities. So what’s the difference you ask?

Here are key differences of Responsive vs. Mobile-Friendly designs. Continue reading

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